CSV -> printable card game.

What is this?

This tool takes in CSV take and generates a printable card game. Works in Chrome, Safari, Firefox as far as I know. I recommend Chrome as its handling of printing is the best.

How do I use this?

Grab a CSV file, I use Google Spreadsheets to put mine together and most spreadsheet apps can export to csv. Your CSV can have any fields but the app only uses these:

  • Name
  • Quantity
  • Hint
  • Description

This is a basic Werewolf example which uses all the required fields listed above, and even has an extra field, Probability, that the app ignores.

To recreate the doc above:

  • Open the Google Docs Template
  • In Google Docs go to File -> Make a copy...
  • Customise for your game
  • To get the csv from Google Docs, use File -> Download as -> Comma Separated Values (.csv, current sheet)

Which would produce when exported:

					Seer,1,S,"When instructed, pick one player and the moderator will tell you if they're a werewolf.",14%
					Werewolf,2,W,At nightfall open your eyes and pick a victim,29%
					Villager,4,V,At daybreak try to find the werewolf,57%

Next paste that csv data into the app and press Import Data. This will convert the CSV to printable Poker Size (2.5" * 3.5") cards.

Now print! When printing I recommend Landscape, which fits the most poker size cards.

Is this printer friendly?

Yes. We use css to hide the instructions. Just go file print in your browser. For best results print in landscape mode.

How often will you be making updates to this tool?

We will be trying to update every two weeks with a rev. The tool is also open source so if your an awesome developer we welcome your support.

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How do I get feature request in the builds?

Wow! You want a lot for nothing. No seriously. Thanks for the feedback. Post in the issues tracker on GitHub or email team AT godhatesgames.com